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What does the Password Indicator show?

Protecting your information is very important to us.  Our Password Strength Indicator will help you keep your account secure by guiding you in your Password creation.

  • WEAK – Will not be permitted.  Read the Tips to help create a stronger password.
  • MEDIUM – Permitted, but really could be stronger
  • STRONG – Permitted and very secure.  Well done!

Tips for Good Passwords:

  • Please us a minimum of 8 letters (12+ is better)
  • Do not include your Birthday
  • Do not include any part of your Name
  • Do not include any part of your Username
  • Do not include any part of your Email Address
  • Mix in capital letters, numbers and special characters like !”?$%&*
  • Avoid sequential numbers and letters (1234 or abcd)
  • Avoid repeating numbers or letters (1111 or aaaa)
  • Avoid dictionary words

Update other websites

While most modern websites share similar password strength requirements it is possible that old customers may still be using their old and insecure passwords on a website.

Please employ the passwords techniques you learned here to ensure passwords you use on other sites are secure.

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Main center deliveries only,

No rural deliveries.

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