Everyone knows cats are fussy…or are they? If you are not feeding your cat a raw diet then you are actually trying to feed a true carnivore a wheat diet. That is part of the fussy problem, but there are other tricks to the trade that you need to be aware of. Cats love meat, not really a trick of the trade – but this is what we do know:

1. Cats like variety – so instead of leaving food out and hoping they have eaten it by the end of the day try feeding them a raw diet. Try veal in the morning, and maybe beef at night.

2. Cats like their food fresh. Try defrosting one of our cubes of meat out for the next meal, then feed it out. When you have fed them that meal, pull out another cube to defrost for the next meal fresh is best!

3. Cats like their food at room temperature, so leave the food to defrost in an air tight plastic container – then at breakfast or dinner time feed it out.

Most common loved meats for cats: Beef, Veal, Lamb&Veal, Fruit Veg Boost, Pilchards and Chicken necks. Or try our small starter pack to get your cat started on raw.

Let’s get started!

Use our Raw Pawz Diet Planner to set up your Cat’s new diet program!

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