Diet Planner: For CATS

Want some help planning your Cat’s new diet?

Keen to see what the costs may be?

Well, simply fill out the fields at the top of the planner and we’ll do the rest!  You can use the results to shop online for recommended Raw Food products.

You can even print a copy out.

For more information about planning a diet for your cat, contact Raw Pawz.

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MONDAYVeal Mince Hoki + Chicken
TUESDAYVeal Mince Chicken + Liver
WEDNESDAYVeal Mince Hoki + Chicken
THURSDAYVeal Mince Chicken + Liver
FRIDAYVeal Mince Hoki + Chicken
SATURDAYVeal Mince Chicken + Liver
SUNDAYVeal Mince Hoki + Chicken
Only pull out enough food for the next meal. Defrost and feed at room temperature.
4.8kg Hoki + Chicken for $42
4.8kg Veal Mince for $56 4.8kg Chicken + Liver for $42



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