Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repeat my last order?

Yes! Log into your account, go to Orders Page and click Re-Order on any previous order you have placed.

How do buy several of the same product?

You can set your quantity on either the individual Product page or within your Shopping Cart.

Do you deliver outside of the Tauranga region?

Yes we do.


We courier frozen raw foods throughout the North Island and courier Mahu Oils and other non perishable products throughout New Zealand.

All courier orders are delivered through Fast Way couriers, and parcels are only packed and picked up on Mondays & Wednesdays. Therefore your overnight order will get to you either Tuesday or Thursday (depending on when you get your order in). We do not send to rural addresses as this is a 3 day service and is not good for frozen goods. We can however send to main centres where you can pick up from.

Courier deliveries will be delayed if there are public holidays.

Does your product come fresh packed in containers?

Due to the fact that we do not add any preservatives or additives to any of our products, our range is delivered in frozen cubes in convenient 1 kilogram packs.

I have fed my dog predominantly beef but not chicken before, is it dangerous to feed my dog chicken bones?

Chicken bones are what we refer to as meaty bones, meaty bones are what your cats and dogs can completely consume and get health benefits from at the same time. Chicken bones are a great source of food and your pet has to chew and tear the chicken to be able to swallow the food, therefore this helps your pet clean their teeth while they eat. Remember chicken bones are supple while they are raw and only become brittle when they are cooked. Never feed your cat or dog cooked chicken bones.

Is there anything else apart from meat that I should be feeding my cat or dog?

While cats are more carnivorous than dogs. Dogs are actually ominvours which means they need vegetables and fruits to help complete their diet. Feeding items like advocado, bananas, berries is very beneficial. Or to simulate the stomach content of a taken animal you can feed Tukkathyme.


A simple rule of thumb would be to feed 1/3 Meaty Bones + 1/3 Offal + 1/3 varied Vegetables and Fruits – remember any leftover vegetables or scraps are always great for your dogs.

Never Never feed cooked bones – as cooking bones makes them brittle and this is where you can come across problems.

My pet has not been raw fed before, how should I change over their feeding?

Dogs are easier to change over to raw feeding than cats, remember just because they don’t eat it straight away does not mean that it is not good for them. For both cats and dogs I would recommend fasting your pet for up to 24 hours and then change them over to raw feeding on their next meal

You say that raw feeding supplies our pets with all the natural nutrition that they need, how can that be when you look at beef, for example, that does not have all the natural vitamins that any animal would require?

A balanced raw feeding diet would only be beneficial if you are able to offer your pet a variety of foods. For example, fish is a great source of omega and Vitamin D; these are vitamins that you cannot get from beef. This is why we recommend feeding a balanced diet that includes everything from beef, chicken, veal, pork, fish and some offal to help balance their diet and keep them healthy.

Why does your website judge my password?

Protecting your information is very important to us. Our Password Strength Indicator will help keep your account secure by guiding you in your Password creation.


As you type your password choice into the registration form the website will rate it to see how secure it is.

  • “Weak” Passwords will not be permitted.
  • “Medium” Passwords are permitted (but could be better)
  • “Strong” Passwords are better.

How do I come up with a secure Password?

  1. Please us a minimum of 10 letters (12+ is better)
  2. Do not include any part of your name, username or email address in your password
  3. To be extra-secure you might want to mix in capital letters, numbers and special characters like !”?$%&*
  4. Avoid sequential numbers and letters (1234 or abcd)
  5. Avoid repeating numbers or letters (1111 or aaaa)

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Ordering Times

Order before 8am Wednesday for Thursday deliveries.

All orders must be paid prior to 8am Wednesday to be released for delivery.

North Island Courier Days

Courier orders are only sent out Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

All orders must be placed by 8am and paid for to be released.

Main center deliveries only,

No rural deliveries.

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