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Xmas final deliveries & closing dates

Xmas is so close.. Wow, where did that year go! December is going to be another rush for everyone trying to get their food for the holiday season, Here are some important dates for you all to remember: Raw Pawz closes 19th Dec - re-open 13th Jan 2020 Last deliveries...

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Winter Catchup!

Compostable meat bags & Recycling delivery bags  Compostable meat packaging.  We are super excited to now have these home compostable bags in circulation. We have not been able to move all our product over yet, but our supplier is in the process of...

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New Compostable bags!

Is Raw Pet Poo Compostable??Well I actually am not too sure about that, but our new Compostable meat bags are, and we have our re-usable delivery cooler bags in circulation as of this week!So at this stage we are phasing out the re-seal plastic bags that...

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Autumn Newsletter

Thank goodness the hot season is on it's way out, the high temperatures here in Tauranga have been incredible, so with the cooler season on it's way in we can all relax a little bit more!The Raw Pawz Team have been frantically working to get new lines ready for sale,...

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Pre Xmas Update

Pre - Xmas Update.. Wow, a lot has happened this past month - we have been super busy! We have new lines of product, we are reaching new areas and have welcomed new staff! Most of you will know that we have lost Diesel. He was such a special soul, and loosing him has...

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June Newsletter

Winter means our boys get more warm meals, which includes some porridge with veges or the ole mutton boil up! Two reason we do this: 1.  It's cold and who doesn't like a warm meal on cold days; 2.  If a dog was able to catch a live meal, this would be warm...

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Win Marley’s Birthday Hamper!

Win Marley’s Birthday Hamper!

Marley's Birthday, 6 years old Marley and his 11 litter mates will be turning 6 years old on the 21st March! Marley's Birthday Giveaway. All on line orders for Raw Pawz product will give you a entry to our March giveaway! Included will be: A new chilly bin...

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Public Holidays

Auckland Anniversary & Waitangi Day Over the next two weeks we have 2 Public holidays coming up. This means that our staff will not be able to pick & pack your orders for Tuesday deliveries. Instead we will deliver on the Wednesday. Delivery 30th JAN - now on...

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Win Diesel’s Birthday Hamper!

Birthday celebrations for Diesel! Diesel wants to celebrate his birthday by giving away all the things he loves the most...Raw Food, Mahu Oils and Treats!! So all online orders from 1st -17th Dec qualifies you an automatic entry to win our hamper for your Pets!!...

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Equidays & Mahu Oils

Mahu Oils is now Racing... Our Mahu Oils Cut Aid Cream is now being used by the Baker / Forsman racing team. Our cream has been trialed and favored by the top Thoroughbred Trainers, enough to give us their recommendation to let others know. We are...

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Spring Newsletter

Our new website is up and running, some of the new features include: Separate diet planner for cats & dogs. Our cat client's can use our new cat diet planner to check their cat's food intake. Members community area, we have some fun new community features coming...

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New Website Guidelines

So we now have our new website up and running! You should have received an email with your login details and a temporary password, which you will have to change. The major changes in our website is: the layout is easier to navigate through the check out...

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Good Dog Owners Deserve A Break

Local council plans to deal with menacing dogs will do little to solve the problem and actively encourages bad dog owners, while punishing good dog owners, says local expert Nita Maaka. Tauranga Council City Council and Western Bay of Plenty Council recently announced...

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NZ dog diet study a wake up call for animal nutrition!

Dog owners can improve the well being of their canine companions by serving up a high meat diet rather than the "human-like" fare favoured by many, a new study shows. The independent New Zealand study – only the second of its kind in the world – found the high meat...

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Hot-spots: Don’t Panic!

Summer can mean more problems for your pets, with hot-spots and rashes on the rise. We have put together information on what you can do to eliminate this all together; Questions: Does your pet get hot-spots more so in the summer? Does your pet insistently lick...

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Dynavyte & +Pro Active for all pets.

Last year at the Equidays I stumbled across this product Dynavyte. Immediately I thought of our new clients that were changing their pets over from dry or wet diets to raw. My thought line was, not only will they gain huge benefits from feeding raw, but this product...

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Flea & Tick Tricks!

The warmer the season, the more fleas and ticks there are around. This year I have heard complaint after complaint about Fleas in particular. So what can you do to stop infestations start up? Here are some tips to help: Regularly groom and brush your pets. Cats love...

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New client at Waiheke Island!

Welcome to The Dog Depot at Waiheke, now you can get your Raw Pawz supplies on the Island! Make sure and see Annette and her team for your raw food needs, day care and grooming. The Dog Depot 8 Beatty Parade Surfdale 09-372 3647 Check out their Facebook page...

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Summer – Fleas, Flies & Ticks!

Keep your pets safe naturally. Summer means long days at the beach and loads of outdoor time for your pets, but it also brings one of the worst problems for NZ pet owners - Fleas, Flies & Ticks. Being able to prevent this problem while feeling confident that the...

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New Wild Range!

We have a new range of the wild product available, Carnivoro have changed their offer so that the meats now come in 1kg bag of pallets. This is handy for cats and also if you want to "top up" your dogs diet with something extra. All the new Wild Products are available...

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Dog training with Taco & Mikey

Our very first training schedule for 2017 was with Leah and her 2 dogs Taco & Mikey. Leah emailed me worried and frustrated with mainly Taco's bad behaviour and lack of discipline. Taco was constantly at Mikey, wouldn't come when called, ran a muck around the...

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Case Study – Raw Feeding

Owner: Kerrie Baker Dog 1: B.J Male - Cairn Terrier x Jack Russel - 10yrs Arthritis in hips causing limping and irritant skin causing itching. Dog 2: Molly Female - Cairn Terrier - 3yrs Knee joint weak, Irritant skin causing insistent itching and licking. Food intake:...

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Case Study – Cut Aid Cream

Kerrie Maddox and Floyd say: "We see Nita from Raw Pawz at the Tauranga Farmers market often.  We were talking to her when she noticed an injury on our dog's face which was taking a while to heal.  Nita gave us a free sample of Mahu Oils Cut Aid Cream. We applied it 3...

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