Why Raw Food?

Over 10 years ago, I started probably where you are right now…
What do I feed my pet to make sure that I am feeding them the right food for their body type??

Dry? Wet? Dehydrated?  So many choices, but which one is best?
Well we found Raw Food is our best option, with raw food you are feeding whole foods that have no preservatives, additives or grains. This in turn means everything is feeding the body.

The results for our pets and many many others speak for themselves. I was told a large breed dog like Diesel would not live past 6 years old on raw, and now he is nearly 10!

Gypsy reared 2 large litters of pups (9 & 12), they were healthy fat little puppies and you cannot tell today that she has one litter. And our cats, well they smell amazing!

Each different meat we offer has varying essential vitamins and minerals which the body needs to build healthy organs, muscles, teeth and hair. Feeding your pets a variety of these meats gives them the balance that is required to build a healthy body.

All of our pets are healthy, happy and DON”T need to go to the vets.

Are you ready to feed your pet a healthy diet and have no hassles like us?

Benefits of Raw Feeding Cats

Benefits of Raw Feeding Dogs

AND your pets will love you for it! Go ahead try something that is really healthy and beneficial for your family member.

To order Raw Foods for your pet, visit our product pages. You can order online for delivery to your door.

If you have any questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us.

Choose Raw Foods based on YOUR pets proportions!

“My dog, Sina, loves meal times with your food and the feeding progamme you designed for her is really healthy. Her coat is clean and shiny and her breath isn’t stinky. She is quickly learning so many good behaviours from your Beginners Class whilst maintaining her delightful personality and enthusiasm. Thank you so much Nita!”

– Rebekah Whyte

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