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Have you ever wondered what type of training best suits you and your dog? Before you decide on this you really need to understand the simple dynamics of how dogs function. What do dogs want? Do they want anything at all?

Understanding how dogs really function is the key to understanding what your role is as their guardians. If you are reading this then you are already one step closer to having a functional and healthy relationship with your dog.   Personal training with you and your dog in your environment is a great first step.

Areas of training we cover with you and your dog are:

  • Teaching your dog their position in your pack,
  •  Consistency around training to eliminate any confusion for the dog,
  •  Simple training techniques to impress your authority,
  •  No fail techniques  to teach your dog new behaviors,
  •  Eliminating any bad behaviors learnt to date,
  •  What to expect from your dog going forward.

Our training is based at your home, one on one.

Training sessions are 3 compulsory consecutive sessions, preferably same day and time each week.

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“Thanks Nita you helped me to understand first of all how much I did not know about my dog and how much more potential she has. I now have a dog that is more relaxed and looks to me for direction who I enjoy taking out in public. We have a much stronger bond and I love continuing to work with her using the tools you have taught us.”
– Lucy Duke

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