Keep your pets safe naturally.

Summer means long days at the beach and loads of outdoor time for your pets, but it also brings one of the worst problems for NZ pet owners – Fleas, Flies & Ticks.

Being able to prevent this problem while feeling confident that the regime you are using is safe, is a huge relief. Which is why we created Mahu Oils in the first place.  I wanted to use a product that I could have confidence in that it was not harming my pets, and actually worked!

Our Flea Guard has had clients raving over the results summer after summer, quite often clients will come to the Farmers Market just to pick up a bottle to make sure they are armed for the upcoming hot days. Prevention is always a great medicine and this is how our Flea Guard works.

For dogs the application behind the neck is weekly, for cats weekly for the first month then monthly and for horses weekly or as required through the main & tail and on the legs to counter ticks and flies.

Our 10ml bottle is $24.50 (100 drops) or 30ml bottle is $44.50 (400 drops).

Make sure and grab yours today..order here Mahu Oils Range