Our new website is up and running, some of the new features include:

  • Separate diet planner for cats & dogs. Our cat client’s can use our new cat diet planner to check their cat’s food intake.
  • Members community area, we have some fun new community features coming where members can ask questions, join discussions and share their pet stories.  Members can all connect, it’s similar to Facebook.  Great for making friends and sharing ideas. We will be launching this 1st September so keep an eye on the top menu for the “Members Tab”.

Spring is time to get worm & flea ready for this summer:
Worming needs to take place at least twice a year, personally I use seasons to indicate when to worm our pets. Spring & Autumn works for us. The dreaded flea season will be here before you know it, so you will need to slowly increase your dosages on cats & dogs if you are using our Mahu Oils all natural flea guard. Changing your pets bedding on a more regular basis (weekly works for us) and be sure to brush on a more regular basis. Keeping mint around the property, and growing it under hedges, will help to keep them at bay – this is where fleas will sit dormant until a likely host trots past.

Our Mahu Oils is available through our Raw Pawz and Mahu Oils websites.