Wallaby Meat (Bone In) 1kg – Intro special!

$8.00 inc GST Freeflow Frozen Meat + Bones – $11.00/Kg

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1kg Wallaby meat with Bone in.

Wallaby is a great meat; very lean, and contains lots of iron, zinc, protein and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – the fatty acid that may help prevent cancer, atherosclerosis, and osteoporosis. CLA has also been shown to aid in the management of glucose and insulin levels.

NOTE: Our meaty bones are sourced right here in NZ. The meat is very young therefore the bones are also very soft. Feeding meaty bones should be at least 30-50% of your pets food intake on a daily basis. Feeding is not only part of a necessary requirement for food and cleaning your pets teeth, but they also learn how to eat properly. They use their jaws to crush the soft bones, which in turn exercises their neck muscles, their jaws get utilized, which also is connected to their ears and helps to clean them as well. So feeding bones like ours with huge amounts of meat on them takes the work load of you.

Protein is needed to build, repair and maintain body tissues, organs and cells in all parts of the body. Proteins are complex molecules and are made up of different combinations of smaller units called amino acids. Protein is necessary to build a strong, muscular body.