Summer can mean more problems for your pets, with hot-spots and rashes on the rise. We have put together information on what you can do to eliminate this all together;


  • Does your pet get hot-spots more so in the summer?
  • Does your pet insistently lick themselves through out the night?
  • Does your pet have a flared red belly or rashes in between their toes?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need to read on…
These problems can be common in cats & dogs, and can be very worrying for you as their owners.

So what causes it? What we have discovered is some pets can react to dry, wet and even some raw foods. The outcome for your pets is hot-spots, licking all the time and rashes on the belly and toes.

How does this happen I hear you ask? Well like humans cats & dogs bodies heat up when they are processing food in their gut, and if there is a reaction to this food then it normally comes out in their skin. Just like we can, say with hives.

The last thing you want to do is start filling them with drugs to counter or patch the issue, fix the problem. To see what you can do to stop this problem once and for all read here: Raw Feeding Guidelines.

Check out our Cut Aid Cream to heal flared rashes and hot-spots.