Last year at the Equidays I stumbled across this product Dynavyte. Immediately I thought of our new clients that were changing their pets over from dry or wet diets to raw. My thought line was, not only will they gain huge benefits from feeding raw, but this product will also help their pets gut health recover more quickly.

Well as always I tested this on the Raw Pawz tasting committee (Diesel, Gypsy & Marley), they concurred that the product was great and they all licked the bowls dry!

What I didn’t expect was that they were all going to gain weight after a mere couple of weeks of using the product daily! So as a result the great food they are eating is being retained even more than before, to the point where I have had to decrease their food by up to .150g per dog per day! That is an astounding 1/2 kilo per day, massive savings with great results!