Our very first training schedule for 2017 was with Leah and her 2 dogs Taco & Mikey.

Leah emailed me worried and frustrated with mainly Taco’s bad behaviour and lack of discipline. Taco was constantly at Mikey, wouldn’t come when called, ran a muck around the house and was generally a menace. Mikey wasn’t as bad as Taco but still needed some training as well. So we booked in a three week course at Leah’s home, and when I first arrived the dog’s did display some bad traits but by no means were they really bad dogs.

After talking with Leah and her family about how the dogs fit in with their family and the discipline and reward system we were going to instill, we got the training underway immediately.

Fast forward 3 weeks and Leah and her family did an amazing job of following through with the work that I gave them, and now three weeks later it’s like they have completely new well behaved dogs! I was super amazed at the commitment the family showed in getting the balance right for both them and the dogs, and how they all took the responsibility of working together to get the pack dynamics right.

Leah said ” I used to be hugely strung out when visitors arrived because of their bad behaviour, but now I am more relaxed and in control, because I am the Boss!”

Brilliant work Leah, you have all done the work and realise there is still more to be done, but are totally committed to Taco & Mikey. Great Job!