Owner: Kerrie Baker

Dog 1: B.J
Male – Cairn Terrier x Jack Russel – 10yrs
Arthritis in hips causing limping and irritant skin causing itching.

Dog 2: Molly
Female – Cairn Terrier – 3yrs
Knee joint weak, Irritant skin causing insistent itching and licking.

Food intake:
Hills Science Diet kibble, Dog Roll, Tux Biscuits, Schmakos treats, Chocky Dog Drops and Divine Dog Treats.

Both dogs in this case had consistent skin problems, B.J due to his arthritis was recommended to be placed on Trocoxil for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease in dogs. This application is administered monthly for six months then the dog is given one month off. B.J’s skin prior to adding in this medication was not ideal, but then after the medication started his skin reaction had become worse.

Molly had a week knee that she would favour intermittently when running, her coat was oily and had a bad case of itching and licking insistently at night.

Kerrie contacted us here at Raw Pawz to see what our recommendation would be given that both her dogs were getting worse.

We immediately recommended moving them both over to a “white meat” based raw diet. We recommended that she stop feeding all dry food, or anything that was processed. The diet plan that was formulated for both dogs started with plain chicken, chicken necks, Hoki and chicken and lamb tripe. We wanted to ease the dogs into a raw diet that would help to eliminate any skin reactions, but also give them nutrition that they could easily digest.

Kerrie decided to try the diet to see if this would help both the dogs.

After 2-3 weeks Kerrie noticed that B.J had stopped itching as much, had more energy, his eyes were clearer, his coat was softer and he loved the food. She also more importantly noticed that he had more movement in his back legs.

Kerrie noticed Molly however took closer to 4-6 weeks before the itching became less insistent, again Molly’s teeth look brighter and whiter, her coat was softer and she seemed calmer than normal. But the itching was still slightly there. On a home assessment visit I noticed all the treats that were readily available. I recommended that Kerrie drop all the treats that she was using and go for more natural treats from the fridge. Needless to say the itching with Molly stopped all together.

Two months into their new diet both dogs are doing extremely well, and they have come a long way as far as their natural health is concerned.

Kerrie says she is “wrapped with the great changes that both dogs have had with their health and the results in their skin. She totally believes that this has been down to the diet”.

Food intake now:
Hoki and Chicken, Chicken Necks, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Hearts and veal Left over vegetables, fruit and natural treats from the fridge.