Hot-spots: Don’t Panic!

Summer can mean more problems for your pets, with hot-spots and rashes on the rise. We have put together information on what you can do to eliminate this all together; Questions: Does your pet get hot-spots more so in the summer? Does your pet insistently lick...

Dynavyte & +Pro Active for all pets.

Last year at the Equidays I stumbled across this product Dynavyte. Immediately I thought of our new clients that were changing their pets over from dry or wet diets to raw. My thought line was, not only will they gain huge benefits from feeding raw, but this product...

Flea & Tick Tricks!

The warmer the season, the more fleas and ticks there are around. This year I have heard complaint after complaint about Fleas in particular. So what can you do to stop infestations start up? Here are some tips to help: Regularly groom and brush your pets. Cats love...

New client at Waiheke Island!

Welcome to The Dog Depot at Waiheke, now you can get your Raw Pawz supplies on the Island! Make sure and see Annette and her team for your raw food needs, day care and grooming. The Dog Depot 8 Beatty Parade Surfdale 09-372 3647 Check out their Facebook page...

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